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You’ve walked the old city walls, soaked up some glorious sun on nearby beaches, perhaps even taken in a museum or two. Now it’s time to hit the cobbled streets and check out the local nightlife scene in Dubrovnik.

Here’s a fresh* mini guide to Dubrovnik Nightlife. A locally updated collection of some of the best bars, Irish pubs, local cafés, night clubs, casinos, discos, cocktail bars, and jazz cafes in Dubrovnik.

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* Trubadur Hard Jazz Café (old town, Dubrovnik)
A well-known Dubrovnik mainstay, the Trubadur offers al fresco seating and live jazz performances by talented local artists. If you are looking to get your jazz on, look no further.

type: jazz bar, live music, al fresco
location: Buniceva Poljana 2, Dubrovnik

* Fresh (old town, Dubrovnik)
Hey all. Unfortunately, Fresh* won't be open this season. The crew behind it have opened up 'Fresh* Sheets', a hostel located inside the Old Town, and are throwing re-fresh* parties at Cafe Galerie during the season. For posterity, we'll keep this write up anyway....

3 litre beer and cocktail towers. Repeat after me. 3 litre beer and cocktail towers. Now squawk like a chicken! SQUAWWWK! Popular with locals and travelers alike. Fresh* was described by the New York Times as Dubrovnik’s 'favoured drinking and hookup spot...' Be sure to try their signature cocktail called 'fresh*'. Invented by Sanja. Drank by many. Remembered by few. Happy Hour 2 for 1 Beer Specials (19.00-20.00), Discount Sex (20:00-22:00)

type: travel bar
location: closed
$ - $$

* Galerie (old town, Dubrovnik)
One of the longest running establishments in the Old Town. Galerie has a dedicated local clientele and is run by two of the nicest guys you'll meet. During the summer, it is often filled to capacity by revelers carrying cocktail buckets... yes, this is the bucket bar you may have heard about. Parties start @ 9PM.

type: local bar
location: kuniceva 5, old town Dubrovnik
$ - $$

* Sky Bar (old town, Dubrovnik)
This place is run by the same people who brought you Katie O'Connor's Irish Pub. Sky Bar is one of the more upscale places to drink in Dubrovnik's Old Town. It offers a decent drink menu. The vibe is lounge.

type: grill & lounge
location: Marjice Kaboge 1, Old Town Dubrovnik

* Irish Pubs (old town, Dubrovnik)
Dubrovnik seems to have a connection to a certain emerald isle, or at least to a certain Irish beer. If you fancy a Guinness (and who doesn't?), there are at least four Irish pubs in the old town. The Gaffe Irish Pub serves up the best lunch deal in town (seriously) and has great homemade burgers and international sports on a big screen TV. They are also known to have great live music. Katie O'Connor's Irish Pub is also popular. Set in a lovely stone cellar and a great place to grab a drink or three. Karaka Irish pub has also reopend and you'll have to find the fourth Irish pub on your own as we've literally just drank too much Guinness (is that really possible?).

type: irish pub, televised sport (football, rugby)
location: off Stradun, old town Dubrovnik
$$ - $$$

* Cold Beer (old town, Dubrovnik)
The name of this cafe bar is appealing in its simplicity and quite possibly incorrect. No idea what the place is actual called but if you find yourself wandering the old town, you will see signs that lead you like a well-trained pet towards.... cold beer. At any rate, lovely place to catch the sun going down. The drinks are somewhat pricey but soak up the view and enjoy. You can always balance your budget later. UPDATE: the real name is 'Cafe Buza' (and the sign doesn't actually read 'Cold Beer' it says 'Cold Drinks' but really, is there a difference?)

type: bar, al fresco
location: inside the old town Dubrovnik / outside its walls

* D'vino Wine Bar (old town, Dubrovnik)
D'vino is a cosy little place that offers a wide variety of domestic and international wine by the glass or the bottle. If you want to partake in the grape, search it out.

type: bar
location: palmoticeva 4a, old town Dubrovnik

* Exit Club (old town, Dubrovnik)
Currently, the cheapest beer in town is to be found at Exit. It looks like an old rock bar (which it was) but the music can range from classics to house. It used to cater to a much younger local crowd but things have changed and it seems to attract a very mixed group. Not a bad place to end the night. Just be careful of the stairs...

type: bar
location: inside the old town Dubrovnik

* Mala Buza (old town, Dubrovnik)
A hole in the wall (literally) opens up to one of the most unique drinking settings in Dubrovnik. Less touristy than 'Cold Drinks' ('Buza'), Mala Buza is a fantastic place to sun, drink, swim, drink, talk to eccentric locals, drink, swim, drink, well, you get the idea. Highly recommended.

type: bar, al fresco
location: outside city walls, old town Dubrovnik
$$ - $$$

* Hemingway Cocktail Lounge (old town, Dubrovnik)
Tire yourselves walking the city walls? You can blink, those comfortable looking loungers and sofas are for real. Here’s a good place to combine two less exerting pastimes: drinking and people watching. It is no longer called Hemingway's but ask any local where it is and they will tell you. Old names don't die fast in Dubrovnik.
type: lounge bar, al fresco
location: old town Dubrovnik

* Gil's cuisine & pop lounge (old town, Dubrovnik)
Boasting a world-class wine cellar & al fresco pop lounge (still trying to figure out the difference between a pop lounge & well, an ordinary lounge btw), Gil's has helped reinvent Dubrovnik nightlife. If money isn't an issue, there are numerous ways to prove it. UPDATE: Ownership has decided to go in a new direction. The new business is called: 360 Degrees. If rumours are correct, Gil's may resurface in a new location. Keep posted.

type: lounge bar
location: Nikole Gucetica 2, old town Dubrovnik

* Revelin Club (old town, Dubrovnik)
Finally. A late night venue that is as monumental as the fortress it inhabits.With world-class acts and dj's, a long bar, and a lightshow to make even the most challenged of dancers shimmer, make sure you check it out.

type: disco
location: near Ploce Gate, Dubrovnik

$$ - $$$$

* Latino Club Fuego (old town, Dubrovnik)
Latino Club Fuego is, well, um, not entirely Latino. If at all. However, it is one of the only places for the late night crowd (after 2am) that is consistently busy. It's a bit of a basement cum meat market but worthy of some late night / early morning alcohol induced madness, if only just to keep the buzz going. There is a cover charge that comes with a free drink. Or you could call it a drink that comes with free entrance. Whatever. Where am I?

type: disco
location: outside Pile Gate, Dubrovnik

$$ - $$$

* Eastwest Beach Club (old town, Dubrovnik)
Superbly located right on the beach just outside the old town, Eastwest Beach club attracts those who want to see and be seen.

type: disco, al fresco
location: outside Ploce Gate, Dubrovnik

$$$ - $$$$

* Capitano Bar (old town, Dubrovnik)
When everything else closes, there is always Capitano.  A lively somewhat hazy end to the evening, Capitano is where all the waiters and waitresses from other bars congregate once the zatvoreno sign has been hung from their doors. UPDATE: Unfortunately, it appears that Capitano has closed or changed ownership. So now we have to find somewhere to go when everything (even Capitano) closes. Home? Sleep? Under a rock until the sun goes down again? So many options. Such little appeal. Party at the bus stop!

type: local bar
location: outside Pile Gate, Dubrovnik


* Lazareti (old town, Dubrovnik)
Lazareti is another late night dance spot where you can flail your arms and shake your booty until the early morning birds start to sing. If you are tired of pop and eurocrap, look out for posters around town advertising international and local djs spinning techno and electronica.

type: club, live performance, special events
location: outside Ploce Gate, Dubrovnik

* Park Orsula (outside old town, Dubrovnik)
Holy crap! We almost forgot. I guess this is what happens when you research nightlife and you near the end of the list. How remiss! For an absolutely incredible outdoor venue that plays host to a range of top live acts from around the Balkan region, you must get up to Park Orsula. It's situated on the top of a hill that overlooks the sea and Old Town Dubrovnik. This is where the locals go to rock out. This is where the rockers go to get local. For performances, visit the Park Orsula website.

type: club, live performance, special events
location: outside Ploce Gate, Dubrovnik

* Golden Sun Casino (Dubrovnik)
Newly opened in spring 2008, this casino located in the recently renovated hotel Libertas promises to raise the stakes for gambling establishments in Croatia. Texas hold'em, Caribbean poker, American roulette, black jack, punto banco, slot machines, and other innovative ways to spend an evening if not your food and lodging budget.

type: casino, excellent place to lose money
location: Hotel Libertas, Dubrovnik


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