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Here’s a fresh* mini-guide to some of the best restaurants in Dubrovnik.

Locally updated and revised, fresh* mini-guides are a great way to keep up to date on all the latest happenings & travel information in Croatia. Without further ado, here are some of our favourite places to eat in Dubrovnik.

* Kopun (old town, Dubrovnik)
This is our new favourite restaurant. The food is fantastic. The location superb. The young owners are hands-on and care deeply about using local ingredients and recipes. If you go, you will enjoy yourself. You will also be mere metres away from the famous cliff-side bar for after drinks or before drinks or whatever drinks...
type: restaurant
location: Poljana Rudera Boskovica 7
20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia

$$-$$$$ (credit cards accepted)

* Lokanda Peskarija (old town, Dubrovnik)
Simple menu, reliable food, great location, and decent prices makes this a good place to grab a bite. During the season, it can get a bit more than a bit busy so be prepared to wait or try one of our other local haunts.
type: sit-down, casual, mediterranean, seafood
location: old harbour, old town, Dubrovnik

$$-$$$ (credit cards accepted)

* Taj Mahal (old town, Dubrovnik)
Looking for Indian food? This isn't actually the place. However, the good news is that the Taj Mahal is a friendly and delightful restaurant that serves a nice selection of traditional Bosnian food. Think grilled meats, some veg, and burek. Love the baked potatoes.
type: sit-down, casual, bosnian, grill, meat, veg
location: Svetog Dominika b.b., Dubrovnik
tel: +385.020.322.220


* Sesame (near old town, Dubrovnik)
Just up the street from the Hilton Dubrovnik and a five-minute walk from the old town, Sesame is a pleasant family-run restaurant that provides well needed variations on the typical Mediterranean dishes offered elsewhere. Make sure you try their wonderful fig and prsut salad.
type: sit-down, casual, mediterranean, al fresco
location: Dante Alighieria bb, Dubrovnik

* Nishta (old town, Dubrovnik)
If the happy cows floating above aren't a clue, a quick glance at the menu lets you know that this little restaurant only serves vegetarian & vegan dishes. Those tired of ordering veg meals in Dubrovnik only to find that in most places that simply means 'less meat', rejoice!
type: sit-down, casual, vegetarian, vegan
location: Prijeko 30, old town Dubrovnik

* Oyster & Sushi Bar (old town, Dubrovnik)
If two things in life are good. Together, they are better. Bota is famous for Ston oysters. The young owner decided to embark on a new venture and opened what has become a welcome addition to Dubrovnik's culinary scene. I'm hungry. I need sushi. Raw oysters? Oh yeah!
type: sit-down, oyster, sushi
location: Od pustijerne bb, 20 000 Dubrovnik

* Oliva (old town, Dubrovnik)
Looking for a decent pizza? Here you go. type: pizza, pasta
location: Lucarica 5, old town Dubrovnik

* Fresh (old town, Dubrovnik)
Unfortunately, Fresh* is no longer open. The crew behind it has decided to dedicate themselves to running a hostel located inside the Old Town.
type: sit-down, takeaway, wraps, smoothies, vegetarian options, free internet
location: in spirit only, old town Dubrovnik

* Gil's cuisine & pop lounge (old town, Dubrovnik)
When Gil's opened its doors in the summer of 2007, it was clear that more than a little money and effort had gone into converting the restaurant previously know as Labrint into something different. While eating here isn't for the budget-minded, this designer restaurant with a world-class wine cellar and lounge area, is a nice splash out. The ambience on the patio is superb and there are rumors that Gil's will offer an eclectic mix of tapas this season. Reservations recommended.

UPDATE: The restaurant has a new executive chef and has been rebranded as Dubrovnik 360 Degrees. Good news is that Gil will open a new venture in 2013. When he does, and after we have eaten there, we'll let you know. Keep posted.
type: sit-down, trendy, french cuisine, tapas
location: Nikole Gucetica 2, old town Dubrovnik
tel: +385.020.323.221


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