Fresh* Sheet for Monday May 14th 2012


Rain rain rain rain rain. Not depressing at all!


You can decide to screw the rain and still go exploring around Dubrovnik! If you’re only here for a day or two, why let the rain ruin your time in Dubrovnik, right? RIGHT!

You can also decide to stay in a for a bit and read a good (or crappy!) book. We have a book exchange on the first floor so go for it!

There is a documentary about Jugoslavia on one of our computers so feel free to watch it and educate yourself!

Get wasted and listen to some music (Placebo might go pretty well with this weather), talk about the meaning of life or just play a game in our common area with other fellow travellers.


Free Croatian lessons – learn how to curse like a real Croatian or how to confuse even other Croatians by using some words only used in Dubrovnik (Odgusta!)

Bucket party at Galeria at 10pm!


From 7 to 8 pm be at Fresh* Sheets and get a beer or wine for 10 kuna only! Wooohooow!

Song of the day – listen to it on repeat for 24 hours – perfect for this weather (perfect for any weather at any moment of any day):

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