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Whether you arrive by plane, ferries, train, boat, or bus, travel in Croatia is a breeze. For first-time visitors and backpackers travelling around Europe, below is a guide to transportation and travel routes around the country.

For those of you looking for a hostel in Dubrovnik, scroll down the page.

safe journeys - jonathan and sanja


Most people arriving in Croatia from Europe will find themselves in Zagreb, Split, or Dubrovnik. Getting Fresh from these cities is easy. Public transportation includes buses, trains, planes, and ferries.

Arriving in Zagreb

The capital of Croatia has many faces, to some it's Eastern Europe at it's very best or worst, to others it's a refreshing break from increasingly touristy cities like Prague or Budapest. Regardless, it's a city of potential that you may find worthy of a few nights or at least a few beers. If interested, here are some of our favourite places to go out in Zagreb.

The most popular route from Zagreb is a bus ride due south to Croatia's beaches, beautiful islands, world heritage sites, medieval walled towns, and some of the clearest waters in the world.

Zagreb > Plitvice Lakes > Split > Trogir > Brac > Hvar > Korcula > Mljet > Dubrovnik

Bus Travel in Croatia

Bus travel in Croatia is generally an affordable and comfortable way to get around the country. A few hints:

  • overnight buses can get a bit chilly. If you plan on getting some sleep, keep a sweater, blanket, or sarong handy.
  • you'll be charged for your baggage. This is not a scam although it is a bit irritating.
  • pay off the toilet gypsies and hit the wc before heading out on a long journey. For some reason, buses that have toilets don't use them.

For bus information, visit:

Arriving in Split

The Diocletian Palace in Split is a World Heritage Site. The city itself is also renowned for being Croatia's capital of Beautiful Woman. Some people love it. Others can't wait to move on. Living up to its moniker, it's a bizarre combination of stunning geography, nightlife, industrial wastelands, and world-class historical sites. It also happens to be the jumping off point to some of the most alluring Croatian islands.

Popular routes include:

Split > Trogir > Split > Brac > Split > Hvar > Korcula > Mljet > Dubrovnik

Split > Hvar > Korcula > Dubrovnik

For ferry information in Croatia, visit:

For fast catamaran information to Hvar and Korcula, visit:

For ferry information between Ancona or Pescara (Italy) and Split (Croatia) visit:

Arriving in Dubrovnik

In a way, if you can avoid it, don't arrive to Dubrovnik. Save it for the end of your journey. Although the old town is packed with tourists during the season, it truly deserves its title "Pearl of the Adriatic". Dubrovnik is almost like the pyramids of Egypt. Touristy but touristy for a reason and souvenir shops be damned, it's a highlight of any trip. Here are some of our favourite places to stay and go out in Dubrovnik.

Popular Routes include:

Dubrovnik > Mljet > Korcula > Hvar > Split > Brac > Split > Zadar > Pag > Zadar > Plitvice Lakes or Krka National Park > Zagreb

For ferry information, visit:

For ferry information between Bari (Italy) and Dubrovnik (Croatia) visit:

Croatia Map
Croatia Map



We've already waxed philosophical about Dubrovnik. Its stunning stone walls look like they were built yesterday. Hectic during the peak season, you may find it more manageable in the spring or early fall. Regardless, we'll be waiting for you at Fresh* Sheets Hostel Dubrovnik to give your travel weary body a good place to rest.

If you arrive to the town of Dubrovnik by:


If you arrive to Dubrovnik by automobile, the city recently completed construction of a brand new parking garage located @ 15 minute walk from the Old City gates. The Public Garage is probably the best place for you to park and a safer option than parking on the street where city police are renowned for ticketing and towing cars. When you drive into Dubrovnik, follow the signs for the Old Town (Hotel Argentina, Hotel Excelsior). There is a very very large sign "PUBLIC PARKING" so you can't miss it. From the parking garage, take one of the free shuttles to the main gates. The instructions for finding the hostel from there are listed below.


International ferries from Bari, Italy to Dubrovnik, and, if rumors are correct, starting in 2010, from Greece to Dubrovnik arrive to the port in Gruz. Long distance buses and local ferries also arrive in Gruz. To get to the Old Town, you can either take a taxi (@50 KUNA) or ride the public bus (10 KUNA). If you buy your bus ticket from the newspaper kiosk, it is cheaper. Hop on either the 1A or 1B 'Pile Gate' bus. Once you get to the Old Town, enter through Pile Gate (main entrance). The drive is @ 10 to 20 minutes (depending on traffic). If you decide to walk, it should take you 45 minutes - 1 hour.


Upon arrival to the airport in Dubrovnik, your cheapest option to get to Dubrovnik's Old Town is to take an airport shuttle (@35 KUNA) which picks up passengers outside the arrival hall and drops you off just outside Pile Gate (main entrance to the Old Town).

Airport taxis are also available (@200 KUNA) just outside the arrival hall. The taxi line is next to the shuttle bus. If no taxis are available, you can request one from the information desk.


Once you have entered 'Pile Gate' (the main entrance to Dubrovnik's Old Town), it's about a ten minute walk to Fresh* Sheets.

(1) Head straight down the main street 'Placa' (Stradun) towards the Clock Tower. One block before the Clock Tower, turn right (just after a large cafe called 'Cele' with alfresco seating). If you pass the statue of Orlando in front of St. Blaise's Church, you've gone too far. (@ 3-5 minutes)

(3) Walk straight. If you arrive in the morning, you will pass old ladies selling fruits and vegetables in Gundulic Square. The prices are more expensive than if you visit the Konzum supermarket just next to them but if you can make them smile, maybe worth it. During the evening, Gundulic Square is filled with dining tables. Continue past the square and up the rather daunting steps leading to the Jesuit Monastery. (@ 3 minutes)

(4) Once you have climbed the 'Spanish Steps', take a breather. To your right is the Jesuit Monastery. Completed in 1725, it houses the oldest bell in Dubrovnik (cast in 1355 by Vivencije and his son Viator). Next to the Church is the baroque building of the former Collegium of Dubrovnik. Caught your breath? :) Now walk left through the gravel courtyard until you see a wooden sign that reads 'Cold Drinks With Most Beautiful View'. (@ 30s)

(5) Turn right at the sign towards the cliff-side cafe bar 'Cold Drinks' (Buza). This will take you along a path and gradual steps that follows the outer sea wall. Once you see the next 'Cold Drinks' sign, you are almost at Fresh* Sheets. You may be tempted to knock back a cold beer but save your money, a 'welcome' drink is waiting for you! (@ 3 minutes)

(6) Continue walking straight past two small alleys. Fresh* Sheets Hostel is the corner building located on your right-hand side. It is the light blue four-story building with a yellow lamp hanging from the corner (directly across from a garden area). (@ 1 minute)

(7) Welcome to Fresh* Sheets Hostel Dubrovnik!!!

Looking forward to your stay!

Safe Journeys!

Jon and Sanja and the Fresh* Crew
Fresh* Sheets Hostel, Dubrovnik Old Town
Smokvina (Sv. Simuna) 15, Dubrovnik, Croatia 20000
Tel: +385.(0)91.799.2086

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