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Fresh is a Travellers and Backpackers Cafe in Korcula and Dubrovnik Croatia

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thanks for making my holiday!! made more friends here in 2 hours than in the previous 10 days”
snow, ireland

Fresh serves quick & healthy food and drink for under 5 euro. Try our fresh fruit smoothies and choose from a tasty selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian wraps inspired by tastes from Asia, Mexico, & the Med. If you are feeling creative, indulge in alchemy and create your own cocktail. If it's good we'll even name it after you.


i SMASHED the granny out of a smoothie and destroyed a wrap”
eitan, south africa

*salad superb
Your body will love you! This wrap is stuffed full with vitamins & anti-oxidants - all those little health-keepers dressed up in our smashing dressings!

*asiana (chicken/veg)
Find out why Marco Polo made his way east. An exotic blend of rice, vegetables, chicken, herbs & oriental sauces, all wrapped up in one perfect tortilla! Let your taste buds take you all the way to Cathay.

A time-tested combination of grilled ham and cheese wrapped with salad & pickle & topped with mayo & mustard. What can we say? It's classic!

Treat yourself to a taste fiesta & bite into this delicious, hearty combo of ground beef, beans, cheese & homemade salsa. This popular wrap goes great with sangria! We guarantee you'll hear mariachi or at least feel like one!

*club med
A popular pick with locals, this mediterranean blend of sizzling chicken and mouth-watering tzatziki is wrapped with crisp lettuce and sliced cucumbers. Light & enchanting like a Mediterranean breeze.

*breakfast wrap
Anytime, day or night, you can never be late for this breakfast. A handmade tortilla packed with fresh fried egg, slices of grilled ham, cheese & homemade salsa make this a hearty way to start your day.


slightly wobbly after flower pots of sangria & cheeky alcoholic smoothies. this is the life...”
ruth & laura, reading girls

We brought this one back from Trinidad, Cuba. The original was created by our host Jose who treated us to many a lovely afternoon tipple. It's refreshingly minty and goes down well with or without the Havana Club rum.

*vitamin supreme
An immune system booster made of kiwi, strawberries, mediterranean honey & a splash of orange juice. If this sounds too healthy, you could always add a buzz. Malibu, vodka, blue curacao, or a combination of each makes this delicious smoothie even smoother.

*breakfast smoothie
Forget about breakfast in bed. Get out and see Croatia's lovely sights instead with a delicious mix of banana, yoghurt, mediterranean honey & orange juice.

*very berry
Very berry? Very yummmmmmmy! Whatever berries we can get a hold of...strawberries, blackberries, blueberries...low-fat yoghurt, orange juice & mediterranean honey.

*very berry no dairy
It's the very berry without the dairy.

*strawberry fields forever
Strawberries, a slice of banana & yoghurt (beatles not included).

*banana split
A frosty blend of banana, milk & delightful chocolate. This shake is Mari's favourite...with a double buzz of kahlua & baileys (of course).

*nice peaches
This nectar of gods is a combination of apricots, apple, banana, and yes, peaches, lots of peaches. Add champagne to make it very bellini-like.

travel ALCHEMY

If you make it, they will come.... at fresh, we've introduced open source bartending. mix your own drink from our fine selection of hard alcohol and fresh fruit smoothies. it's one hell of a healthy drunk.

Here are some of our favourites from last year.

*poofaced piglet
To be honest, this one was a bit of a shocker. However, we're sure that the inventors of this seriously alcoholic mixture would be surprised to know how popular it became over the summer of 2005. Try it for yourself, or even better, come and get fresh with us in Dubrovnik or Korcula.

banana split smoothie
1 shot Vodka
1 shot Baileys
1 shot Malibu
1 shot Blue Curacao

*very boozy
A simple yet effective way to get your daily intake of vitamin c and alcohol in one refreshing cup.

very berry no dairy
2 shot Vodka or Tequila

*the Philip
A regular customer. His regular drink.

vitamin supreme
2 shot Gin
1 shot Banana Liqueur

*holy split! this is good!
A refined blend of chocolate, iced milk, with hints of coffee flavour. Or maybe it's just like a frozen black zombie....

banana split
1 shot Vodka
1 shot Baileys
1 shot Kahlua

*the felinni bellini
Be part of la dolce vita. A glamorous take on the tried and trusted bellini.

nice peaches

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